Voting Tory in #GE2019 Is A Vote To Kill People Like Me: GE2017 Redux

I wrote this article 2 years ago, literally begging people not to vote to kill disabled people.

In 2010, people had plausible deniability. In 2015, you could maybe – *maybe* – say you didn’t know.

By 2017, the UNCRPD judgement was public.

By 2017, we knew about the ‘grave and systematic violations of the human rights of disabled people’ committed by the government.

By 2017, we had academic research on the rising death toll.

By 2017, we knew about ‘almost universal’ damage to mental health done by the WCA.

By 2017, we had begun to see the horror of Universal Credit.

We knew about the Rape Clause.

We knew.

And the UK still voted for the people responsible.

I cannot describe the sense of utter horror we felt watching the results roll in. I had a panic attack at the count.

The cost has been immeasurable, and it was paid by the sickest and poorest people in the country. Often with their lives.

A vote is a responsibility. You make your choice and you live with the consequences but you can’t pretend you didn’t know.

I am begging you, again, this time – please. Please look at relative risks – we all know that the non-Tory parties all have flaws. We know they’re very far from perfect and there’s a lot of work to do. We know there are reasons not to like leaders or positions or policies.

But the Tories have a record of causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people with the austerity they’re still proud of, in the face of criticism from economic institutions, and the starving, freezing, dying suffering of the people they were supposed to represent.

Relative risk is critical here. Yes, the other parties all have problems. I am not minimising them in any way. I understand why people struggle to vote for them.

But if the Tories win this, what we’ve already seen will be a nothing compared to what’s coming.

We’ve already lost so many people.


This isn’t about Johnson. It’s about the tidal wave of wholesale calamity which has destroyed people, communities, futures, and taken everything from our poorest citizens to give to the already unimaginably wealthy.

It’s about anyone who has watched the incontrovertible proof of the scale of human suffering mount up and who is still more concerned with their investment returns, or with some mythic future in which *they’re* the people rich enough to benefit.

Please. I am begging. Please don’t let us endure another post-election period where we have to convince people to stay alive.

This isn’t hyperbole. If you think it is, you haven’t been paying attention.



For our lives.

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