For Medical Professionals (Not for patients)


If you are treating a patient who is in crisis because of the election result, please do not dismiss their fears or reaction as a persecution complex or as over-dramatic. Disabled people affected by this are not sad because their candidate lost; they’re scared because the last decade has been increasingly harmful and the result means five more years of that. Please see this post for the research and other evidence of why disabled people are justified in feeling hopeless and afraid.

They are probably in immediate crisis if you are treating them, so please do not minimise or dismiss their fears. It might seem confusing or unimportant to people not affected, but these are valid concerns based on evidence and experience, and your patient had been hoping for an outcome which would have reversed many of the harmful aspects of the system they rely on.

However, as you’ll know, this is not the time to justify their suicidal thoughts or feelings. It’s important that they know that they’re not alone, that a lot of people are involved in fighting the system and that their death would not ‘send a message’. To be blunt, there have been hundreds of suicides, and none of them have resulted in a change in policy, so if the person expresses the idea that their death would ‘show them’, please gently explain that it wouldn’t. The best way to resist them is by surviving.

Thank you for your care and compassion in these times of crisis.


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