Empires and Consequences

Well, tomorrow’s going to be interesting. Hope my friends at Westminster are ready for a hell of a day.

If justice can be said to still exist on these shores, Blair will be on his way to the Hague very soon. The people who made the decisions to commit war crimes while wearing our country’s uniform should be in the dock along with him. Not the grunts who followed the orders, the people who gave them.

Britain will never answer for its true criminal history. We committed some of the worst historical crimes of the last thousand years. We were the largest empire the world has ever seen. We ended civilisations, burned whole cultures to ash and wiped their memory from the earth. We stole and raped and murdered our way across continents and we still haven’t stopped, we just do it with economics and politics these days.

Every part of the status we have in the world, the power we hold, the riches we command, all of it comes from what we stole from others. We took the resources and skills while suppressing the structures of self-rule and autonomy of other countries and cultures. We set whole continents back centuries, and now dare to consider them savage or poor, and we call their citizens who seek safety in our country scroungers. We owe them everything we have.

Britain’s history is drowning in the blood of its victims, and it’s time we began to answer for some of it. We will never atone for the full weight of it all, but we could start by putting on trial the man who lied to the world to start yet another war in a country we had been brutalising for more than a century. The rise of IS is traceable directly to the decision to break a country and not have any plan to build it up again.

So, tomorrow, we might begin to answer for our crimes. We’ve got away with centuries of them, though, so I’m doubtful. Don’t let up. Don’t let him get away with it. Don’t let us get away with it again.


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