The ‘Emergency’ Budget

So, not long until the ‘We didn’t make this the actual budget because then you wouldn’t vote for us’ Emergency budget is announced. Leaked plans seem to indicate that disabled people in the Working Group of ESA will be reduced down to the level of Jobseekers’ Allowance.

I cannot wrap my head around the cruelty of this. ESA isn’t more than JSA because being disabled sucks and we should just get some more money – it is *expensive* to be disabled. A massive percentage of disabled people need transport assistance in the form of buses or taxis, people often need special diets, or they have to use preprepared food (which is a lot more expensive) because they can’t chop stuff or hold pans. We need extra supports, recovery time, joint straps. For people with mental health conditions, we often need extra assistance to stop the spiral of anxiety (in the form of a portable hobby that requires focus, if you are coping really well, otherwise it’s usually smoking or something similar).

There is only one way that this can end up: disabled people will be disproportionately sanctioned by the system, their health will suffer and they will end up either being moved into the Support Group or costing a shit ton more money in support and healthcare. This is not economics; it is ideology, and it is vindictive cruelty.


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