Patrick Harvie and FFA

I have a lot of respect for Patrick Harvie – this is not (as some idiots are framing it) a betrayal, it doesn’t make him a unionist, it’s nonsense to think he doesn’t want the very best for Scotland.

Seeing flaws in the plan for FFA as it stood, and backing the vote against it because of his belief in the consequences of going for FFA while still at the mercy of a currency we would no longer have any active control over (not that we have much anyway) is a totally reasonable position to have.

I am undecided – independence could have worked, but at this stage the Union is still in the midst of its great show of force. They’re pissing on everything to remind us that it’s theirs, and taking great joy in ridiculing us for ever having believed any of those flyers that said ‘the best of both worlds‘ now that they can call us tantruming children because we ‘cannot have it both ways‘ (apparently they can only speak in cliches). I would love for us to have actual control, but I don’t think that’s anything they’d be willing to give up, so they’d give us just enough to look like they’d kept to the plan while reserving some powers that would fit into the manipulation.

Much like the plan from the Smith Commission to ‘give’ us power over Income Tax, but none of the others. Adjusting tax principles only works if you have control of a lot of them in different areas – with this plan, when WM cut the budget for the NHS and the welfare system, all we could have done was raise the Income Tax which would have just made the voters angry. Without seeing concomitant rises on the corporate sector or financial sector, it was nothing more than a rope to hang ourselves with.

Anyway, back to Harvie. To think that this eloquent, principled, good man is against the plan for FFA as it stood just to stick the boot in or because he’s kissing up to the Tories is unbelievably ridiculous. We can disagree on stuff and still be on the same side.


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