Labour’s Autopsy

Why won’t Blair just retire to one of his friends’ islands and leave us all alone? No, the Labour party does not need to go further right to revive itself. No, its flaw was not that it was just too leftist. Its flaw was that the policies it was running on were already occupied and represented by the Tories.

They needed their own ones, something like, oh I don’t know, equality for all, maybe? Or perhaps ‘being unemployed isn’t a crime and you are still a human being’? How about ‘disabled people still have value even if they are unable to work’? Perhaps ‘if we won’t accept weapons of mass destruction in other countries maybe we should rethink hosting our own mere metres away from a major population centre’?

Or we could go really radical and say that maybe they should try something like ‘unions are not a generic evil and should be worked with in order to ensure people with little financial or political power are still represented by parliament’? Maybe ‘we were wrong about strikes – they are the only power that some sectors of the population have, and, especially in the cases of frontline workers like nurses, firefighters and teachers, maybe how scared we are of them going on strike should be an indication of how screwed it is that we treat them so badly and not an indication that they are somehow morally bankrupt for wanting decent working conditions and proper compensation for the level of importance of their work’?

Or they could just reprint the Tory manifesto and shove some red roses in there and be done with it.

Labour lost the election and it was their own fault – not the SNP’s, not the Tories’, not even really Miliband’s (in the sense that the Labour party were the ones who elected him as their figurehead).

A fantastic quote from one of the disability groups: ‘Labour is not getting weaker because the Green Party is getting stronger – the Green Party is getting stronger because Labour is getting weaker.’


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